Frequently Asked Questions

Can everyone see my pin?

All pins are publicly available, but the links are as good as impossible to guess.

Can I edit my pin?

No, but you can easily create a new pin instead.

Can I search for a location?

Yes, you can search for a location, or geocode. Type your location and we will add a pin in the map.

Can I search using coordinates?

Yes, you can. Just click on the coordinates tab to search using latitude and longitude.

Can I add multiple pins?

If the site proves very popular, we might add these sorts of things later. No promises though.

Where can I find additional pin information?

We had to delete all additional pin information to be in compliance with the GDPR's requirements. We are very sorry about that.

Will you have to delete my pin location too?

No, we will keep your pin location on the map.

How can I contact Pininthemap support service?

Feel free to contact [email protected]. We'll get to your email as soon as we can.