Detailed Help

Step One: Mark a spot.

Scroll the map around using your mouse and zoom in and out using the controls on the side of the map. If you want to scroll a long way, use the little box in the right hand corner.

You can use the handy jump buttons at the top right of the map - just click on a flag to head directly to that location. Or, if you live in the US, you can tap in a ZIP code and press enter; the map will zoom to that location.

If you want to pinpoint an exact location (even an exact building!), you might find the 'Satellite' or 'Hybrid' views useful. These give you any satellite photo coverage of the region you are looking at, if it's available. To switch to these views, click on the buttons on the top right of the map.

When you have found the location you want to stick a pin into, click once on the location on the page. You will be shown an information box, so you can label your pin.

If you aren't quite happy with where the pin ended up, click again. The pin will be moved, and you won't lose anything you've already typed into the box.

Step Two: Attach some info.

What moves you about this spot? Why are you on this site anyway? Add that info to the box.

If you're feeling like it, you can add various bits of formatting to your site, and even include links and images! We use a version of the textile formatting system. Click here for detailed instructions on how to format your info box.

When you're done, click 'Preview'. The site will display a preview of what your info box will look like when you send the link out. If you wish to tweak your info, press 'edit' and you'll be sent back to your text again.

Step Three: Send the link.

When you're happy with your preview, click "save". The system will remember what zoom level you were at, and the type of map you had selected. The site will give you a couple of links you can use to get back to your placemark.

You've also got an opportunity to send an email to your contacts with the links included. Click the "start an email" link. This will open your mail program, with the links already added to the email. Convenient, huh?

Need more help?

Feel free to contact [email protected]. We'll get to your email as soon as we can.

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