Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to type in a password?
I don't understand how this works! Can you give me better instructions?
Your service doesn't work on browser X...
Why can't I search for a location?
Why does the site always load over the UK?
I made a mistake and hit save before I was ready. Can I edit my pin again?
Will you delete my pins?
Can everyone see my pin?
What will you do with the info that I attached?
Are you responsible for the content others have added to your site?
Are there things I can't put pins in for, or content I cannot add to a pin?
I put valuable data on my pin, and you guys deleted it!
Who are you guys anyway?
What does it mean when I tick 'Show this pin to everyone'?
Why did you create Pin In The Map?
How do I do fancy formatting?
Go on; give us the development details!
Can I add multiple pins?
How do I jump to a place I have found already in Google Maps?
I saw that Google might introduce adverts inside the area of third-party map sites. What's that about?
How can I put my business on the map?
So what's a 'Directions Icon'?

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