Sending your contacts maps of locations
just got a whole lot easier...

Eden Development launches “Pin in the map”, a service that
allows you to easily send links to maps with your own info attached

Try the service at

Winchester, UK – 26 May 2005: Do you want to email the office exactly where you're meeting for after-work drinks? Do you need to show your client where that meeting is set to be? Are you hoping your in-laws will find your new house ok?

Now you can just mark a map location, add some text and send to your friends.

That's all it takes to use "Pin in the map", a free service from Eden Development launched today which allows you to easily send a map link to your friends, or add a professional location link to your business website.

Created by the author of Google Earth's popular "Transparent Clouds" plugin, Pin in the map combines the phenomenal power of Google's mapping service with a foolproof three-step interface.

This makes it easier than ever before to pinpoint locations and to share them with your contacts. The pins never expire and ensure that you or others can find your location whenever you need to.

Business owners can opt for a "premium pin", allowing them to place a customized link directly on their webpage showing their customers where to find them. Future versions of the software promise a premium pin service allowing you to promote your business on a site listing.

'Pin in the map was designed for the simple reason that we needed it,' said Eden Development's founder, Chris Parsons. 'Before this, we were forever printing out maps to write on, and or marking the exact location on a map in a paint program.

'After plenty of frustration, we thought, "There must be a better way to do this!" And now there is.'

Try out the service at

For further information, please call Eden Development on 0845 0097 094, or email

About Eden Development: Eden Development was founded in 2004 and provides quality software development services to small and medium sized business, as well as writing homegrown web applications.

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